en arts, lettres, langues, sciences humaines et sociales

04 janvier 2022
Cet appel à contributions est lancé dans le cadre d'un colloque qui aura lieu à Konya en Turquie du 26 au 28 juillet 2022. Date limite de soumission des résumés le 2 mars 2022.


Studying the problematic of social sciences and humanities with all its variables in order to analyze the phenomenon related to these fields is quite difficult. That is why; researchers found it highly important to solve this complexity or at least try to clarify it; since these phenomena reflect on different political, economic, cultural and social levels. In this context; a number of contributions surfaced to develop a critical and epstimological understanding for the numerous research questions. This seminar aims at defining a methodology to study both social sciences and humanities which are as far away as possible from subjectivity; for choosing a good methodology facilitates the process of extrapolating the social phenomenon and verifying its hypotheses in a scientific way to explain it, find solutions to it, and predict it.


Participation’ regulations

The abstracts sent must not exceed 500 words, excluding the participant's personal information and miniature biography.

Abstracts are sent according to the attached form.

Each participant determines the number of the axe in which they are participating.

Bilateral participations are accepted in the conference, provided that the center takes care of one participant only.

The research must not be previously published or participated with by the researcher in another forum or drawn from a thesis.

the research must be committed to seriousness and scientific originality.

The research paper sent should not be more than 18 pages and not less than 11 pages, counting the references and appendices.

Use the A4 size for the page.

 The center uses the APAschool in referencing.

Simplified Arabic is used in the text in volume 14 and in the margin 12.

Times New Roman is used in the text 14 and in the margin 11.

 The paper must be written with the program (Word).

 All abstracts should be sent to the e-mail of the forum Email.


Important dates :

Abstract sending date: 20/07/2021 to 02/03/2022.

Date of response to accepted abstracts: 04/03/2022 to 10/03/2022.

Date of sending the papers: 11/03/2022.

Deadline for sending papers: 11/05/2022.

The priveleges of the participation

Conference date: 26/28 july 2021.