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28 mars 2022
Cet appel à contributions est lancé dans le cadre d'une conférence qui se déroulera à Graz en Autriche du 1er au 3 juin 2023. Date limite de soumission des propositions le 1er mai 2022.


The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and its containment measures such as lockdowns, social and physical distancing, or face coverings hit most of us unprepared. In order to better understand the individual and collective reactions to the pandemic outbreak, many turned to existing cultural productions holding pandemic knowledge.

In March 2020, the reception of existing ‘pandemic fictions’ such as Albert Camus’s La Peste (1947) or Wolfgang Peterson’s disaster movie Outbreak (1995) rose drastically. Simultaneously, we saw an enormous increase in what can be subsumed under the term Corona Fictions across different media. These written and audiovisual productions process the new life circumstances and draw on everyday media and political discourses as well as on previous pandemic fictions.


ROADMAP to publication and subsequent conference:

  • May 1, 2022: submit abstract (about 200 words) and short bio until 1st of May to Yvonne Voelkl
  • in Jun. 2022: notifications
  • Oct. 1, 2022: submit full article (followed by the peer review process)
  • until Dec. 2022: get feedback from the peer reviewers and adapt your article
  • Jan. 2023: re-submit revised article
  • Feb. 2023: review galley proofs
  • Thur, June 1 – Sat, June 3, 2023: present article at the conference in Graz (Austria)