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30 mars 2022
Cet appel à contributions est lancé pour un ouvrage publié par Vernon Press. Date limite de soumission des propositions le 15 mai 2022.


A critical enquiry into what defines nature and the human was at the heart of surrealism from its inception. Much of the experimental practice of surrealism can be seen in terms of a method of creating natura naturans – nature as self-creating - a notion captured by Hans Arp in his famous statement: “Art is a fruit growing out of man like a fruit out of a plant.” Proceeding according to nature required a critical and creative exploration of nature itself: the unexplored continuities between an embodied mind and its environment, of the possibilities of eros, risk, open-ended play, poetry and intoxication. Not only did this entail the recognition of what Roger Caillois called “the nocturnal side of nature”– enlightened in evolutionary terms by Freud and epitomised as a vital force by de Sade – but it also opened up the question of how historical notions about the tendencies of nature have been invoked to support all manner of fallacies and ideologies, most notably for the surrealists concerning sexual behaviour, utilitarianism, individualism, nationalism, colonialism, political economy, and anthropocentricism. In tune with Breton’s statement in the ‘Prolegomena to a Third Surrealist Manifesto’ (1942) - that mankind should accept that “he is not necessarily the king of creation that he prides himself on being” - the surrealists undertook a critical revision of the notions of “human essence” and “self”, shattering the monolithic, rationalised, teleological definitions dominating Western culture since antiquity.


How to Submit Your Proposal
Please submit a 200-300 word proposal and a short biographical note to the editors of the volume: Iveta Slavkova, Anne Marie Butler, and Donna Roberts.

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Deadline for proposals: May 15, 2022
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Deadline for full chapter submissions: September 15, 2022