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06 septembre 2022
Cet appel à contributions est lancé pour une conférence qui aura lieu les 5 et 6 décembre 2022 à l'université Jagiellonian à Cracovie en Pologne. Date limite de soumission d'articles le 1er octobre 2022.


“Émigré Europe” seeks to explore the means and methods through which Central and Eastern European migrants were able to engage new or existing civil society structures within their host countries to set or express their own agendas and interact with their host societies on a range of levels, from local grassroots initiatives up to institutional European organizations and decision-making bodies. The conference invites scholars from different backgrounds to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and discussion on the future potential of the research model for a wide-ranging study of European migration. We encourage contributors to think broadly about the porous geographical, temporal and political boundaries of European migration during and also immediately after the Cold War.


Submission guidelines

Please send your paper proposal to and

before 1 October 2022.

The single PDF document shall contain a clear title of the envisaged paper; a summary (max. 500 words), outlining the paper’s goals; methodology and sources; and the CV of the author(s).

The proposals will be selected by the Scientific Committee. Notification of acceptance will occur no later than 15 October 2022.

Please direct all questions about the call and the conference to Tamás Scheibner and Luke Dodds.