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02 mars 2023
Cet appel à contributions est lancé pour Green Marble 2023 qui se tiendra à Ancede au Portugal du 1er au 3 juin 2023. Date limite de soumission des résumés le 31 mars 2023.


Green Marble 2023 is an international scientific meeting focused on the theme “Ecotourism and Ecotravel in the Anthropocene”. We specifically seek to address and discuss how ecotourism, understood as a form of tourism that involves responsible travel (using sustainable transport) to natural areas, conserving the environment and improving the well-being of the local population, can contribute to a good Anthropocene, the one where we become able to use the unprecedented collective power to act in/on the planet we acquire in a balanced and fair way.


Submission guidelines

Submission of communication proposals in Portuguese or English

send to the following email address:

until March 31, 2023.

  • abstract, between 200 and 300 words
  • short biography of the author(s), including current institutional affiliation(s), between 100 and 150 words
  • only one proposal is accepted by (first) author

Notification of acceptance/rejection of communication proposals until April 15, 2023