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21 mars 2023
Cet appel à contributions est lancé pour un colloque qui aura lieu à Berlin et en ligne, du 9 au 11 octobre 2023. Date limite de soumission le 3 avril 2023.


The last few years have been marked by a global economic crisis, strains on both institutions and labor markets, and unprecedented disruptions in the mobility of goods and people. Covid-19 has profoundly affected the way we work, causing an increase in people turning to digital labor platforms to deal with the uncertainties of an unstable economy. Even in the formal sector, remote work and automation have led to dramatic changes in the workplace. In navigating this new reality, it is crucial to examine how these changes are impacting workers, businesses, and society as a whole. By bringing together researchers, workers, policymakers, and practitioners, the INDL-6 conference “Digital Labor in the wake of Pandemic Times” addresses the latest developments and challenges in the fields of technology-mediated labor, platformization, and automation.